welcome friends

Gabi Haberer


Music has been a salvation for me in so many ways.  I began playing the piano when I was 5 and then later the cello when I was 8.  I quickly developed such a deep affection for music.  While I was just in the beginning stages of my journey, I found that music resonated with parts of my heart and mind in a way that no other activity did.

Music has been a constant companion for me during so many different seasons of my life–seasons of grief and joy, anguish and peace.  It still is a place I run to when I find myself stressed or calm, angry or happy and truly sources itself a gift that continues to give.  

I want others to experience the loveliness that music has brought into my life and I truly believe that we were all meant to create and build beautiful things.  Playing an instrument can be that avenue for every child–my aim is to encourage the pursuit of music and music education so that families can experience how life-giving music can be both for themselves and those they love.